It’s Time to Move on From these Once Promising Fantasy Studs

It’s always hard to cut bait on someone you know is good but you’re not sure if it’s a rough few weeks or if this is the beginning of the end. Then you hold onto them week after week in hopes of them turning it around, sometimes even starting them. Here are the guys it’s time to move on from and release them from your roster.

Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy

Sometimes a change of teams can re-ignite a fire in a player, but that’s not the case with Lacy. Lacy is far removed from his 1,000 yard seasons in Green Bay. Much was made about him hitting his incentivized weight goals in training camp but lets be real, when was the last time we saw a successful 250 pound running back? He’s in a crowded backfield and was a healthy scratch in Week 2. I could even say it’s time to move on from Thomas Rawls as well. Chris Carson seems to be the guy and Prosise is the 3rd down passing back.

Vikings RB Latavius Murray

This is not Oakland Latvius Murray. He’s not splitting with rookie RB Dalvin Cook, the job is Cook’s. 5 carries for 12 yards and 0 touchdowns in 2 games, enough said.

Cardinals QB Carson Palmer

It’s a mobile quarterback game now and with edge rushers getting more athletic, Palmer simply can’t extend plays. He’s 37 years old and one of the last of a dying breed of pure pocket passers. RB David Johnson caught 80 balls for Palmer last year and is out for a few months now. Palmer will be in trouble all year.

Giants WR Brandon Marshall

You’re probably shocked to see this name here. We all thought Marshall still had it and was just coming off a down year due to poor quarterback play with the Jets. But Marshall was non-existent in Week 1, catching a garbage time pass on the final drive and looked like a rookie WR in Week 2 dropping a crucial deep ball. Like my point above, Eli too is a part of the dying breed of immobile quarterbacks who are pure pocket passers. Due to the Giants troublesome offensive line, Manning has been all sorts of out of whack and there doesn’t appear to be reinforcements coming to help solidify the line. Sure, a healthy Odell may help a bit for Marshall in a few weeks but the bottom line is Eli can’t make it happen with his feet behind a terrible line like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson can. I know it’s hard to let him go because he’s such a big physical player who has produced year after year but this year won’t get much better for Marshall, especially if the Giants experience 1 injury on the offensive line.

Saints RB Adrian Peterson

I know what you’re thinking, what the f@#%!? Peterson has just 14 carries for 44 yards through 2 games. Peterson currently sits in a crowded backfield behind an offensive line that’s currently missing both its starting offensive tackles and on a team that has a terrible defense. What’s a terrible defense got to do with anything you ask? The Saints are likely to be down most 2nd halves this season meaning they’ll have to ditch the ground game and go to the air. Mark Ingram has 9 receptions for 78 yards and rookie 3rd round pick Alvin Kamara has 7 catches for 71 yards. Peterson you ask? Peterson has ZERO receptions. Peterson won’t see much playing time in 2nd halves leaving him with maybe a quarters worth of action given the committee he’s a part of. I know he’s a big name, and maybe he’ll be traded at some point, but he doesn’t belong on a roster right now.

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