Sit ‘Em/Start ‘Em Week 3: Vikings Offense

Word on the street is that Vikings QB Sam Bradford is seeing Dr. James Andrews. Anytime you hear Dr. James Andrews in sports, you fear the worst. That said, Sam Bradford in all likely-hood is out for Week 3 vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So what’s that mean for the rest of the Vikings offense?

RB Dalvin Cook: Start

Given the workload he has received through the first 2 weeks, Cook is just about an automatic start on a week to week basis. Obviously if you have say Todd Gurley and Kareem Hunt ahead of him then you may need to play matchups but I’m not too sure many of you have this conundrum. With Bradford likely out, the Vikings will lean hard on Cook to move the chains Sunday. Start Dalvin Cook.

WR Stefon Diggs & Adam Thielen: Sit

Both Diggs and Thielen didn’t have great games last week vs the Steelers. Case Keenum attempted 37 passes but accumulated just 167 yards on 20 completions. With Keenum under center, it’s hard to like any WR option for the Vikings right now. The Bucs defense had their way with QB Mike Glennon of the Bears last week and you may see much of the same mistakes made by Keenum Sunday. If you chose to start either of these guys, you’re hoping for Diggs or Thielen to bust a short completion off for a long touchdown run.

TE Kyle Rudolph: Toss Up

Look, there aren’t that many great tight ends to be had and many of the top ones are already injured and out this week, Greg Olsen and Tyler Eifert to name a few. There simply may not be much better out there. Poor and inexperienced QBs tend to lean on tight ends because their routes aren’t all that complicated and Rudolph is always a red zone threat for the Vikings. You can’t go wrong starting Rudolph based on what’s out there but if something better is in fact out there, say an Eric Ebron vs the Falcons or if you feel like taking a gamble on Andy Dalton rebounding this week, TE Tyler Kroft who’s filling in for Eifert, figures to be in the game plan as the Bengals will try to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.


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